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4th annual festival
October 2014


Self Reliant Community Incubator

Greetings and welcome to our Self Reliant Community & Appropriate Technology Incubator. We are an Intentional Community providing workshops for many aspects of sustainable technology. Find out every week about our mostly free workshops on many subjects at the University of Sustainability here at the Eco Village. Click here for current updates http://www.meetup.com/Sustainable-Tucson-Eco-Village-Group

We also provide a great place to live, learn, or just hang out for those who want to make a real difference.

Moringa for Life

Here at the village we are very enthusiastic proponents of Moringa. We grow Moringa from seed and provide everything from seedlings to mature trees to Moringa energy drinks and Moringa weightloss products. We often offer workshops for how to DIY Moringa (See meetup link above). We have a page devoted to growing Moringa with pictures at the property. Moringa Trees & Products


Our most recent incubator project is the development of Hobbitat Domes. We now manufacture and sell geodesic domes designed as greenhouses, sheds, workshops and other appropriately sustainable structures. You won’t believe how practical, portable, sustainable and useful they are. Not to mention our amazing prices and quality. Check them out.

Hobbitat Town:

In another new project at TTEV we are building a Hobbitat Town using dome technology and earthbuilding techniques. Hobbitat Town is supported by permaculture, food forests and real world science blended with old wisdom many hobbits were known to possess. Hobbits are sustainable in all ways. They grow their own healthy food or trade with neighbors that do. They grown their own smoke. They brew their own ale. They make most of their own cloths, implements, and equipment. They are resilient and self reliant as much as is possible given their uncertain times.

No we don’t have any, or pretend we are hobbits, orcs, or dwarves, but we do have a Dragon! Turns out Smaug had a sister and she is a good Dragon. Come help us build this amazing Hobbitat Town in the heart of our village. Please join our meetup with the link below where you will be notified when we are holding workshops and workdays here at Hobbitat Town.

Why Invest in Resiliency...

No one knows what the future actually holds, but it has become obvious to many that there may be a train wreck in our near future. It may not be an end of the world scenario, but it is almost certain to be an end of the world as we know it. Still, why not hedge your bets both ways, by preparing for solvable problems and living life to its fullest no matter what the outcome. Invest in the process rather than the outcome.

We have become almost completely dependent on assumptions that plenty of cheap oil, clean water, good weather, stable political systems, continued consumption growth and abundant cheap food will always be available to us. But clearly that is not the case. There is no sustainability for any of these critical commodities or processes. It is not even worth arguing with the doubters and the ostriches on this subject, so you will not find any of that here.

That is why we are building a Self Reliant Community at TTEV with a purpose and the intent to survive whatever comes with style and humor. We also call this “Sustainable Survivability,” and we are serious about it. And yes we have a plan and are in the process of implementing it right now. Education, reskilling, and relocalize are some of our strategies. Even if nothing bad happens in our future, it is still the best way to live this wonderful game of life. The world needs sustainable practices in all areas of life and living. It is not just about us, it really is about a community engaged in living a meaningful life. We call this concept “intentional community.”

As a Conservation & Educational Non Profit, it is our job, our pleasure, and our way of life to support a New Vision for living, surviving, and thriving in an uncertain world. Southeast Arizona is truly one of the most fabulous places to live on this planet. Though like everywhere else we have our own unique issues and problems. It is solving for those problems that our Self Reliant Community formed. Thus we incubate ideas, businesses, and on the ground practical Self Reliance and Resiliency practices while reskilling and relocalizing as necessary to survive in style.

Call us, come meet us, or take one of our workshops to find out how you can become a founding member of our unique community that is beyond sustainability, about sustainable survival, and an intentional community like nowhere else. Check us out at www.ttev.org or call Dr. Samuel @ 520 289-4149 to chat.

Buying Into Sustainable Survivability at the first TTEV Self Reliance Village.

Real Estate - Our community is represented by Tucson Tortolita Eco Village Realty, the only totally Eco Green Sustainable Brokerage in North America. There are a couple of ways to purchase property in our community. Contact Us to find out how affordable buying into our unique community is. More about Eco Green Sustainable Realty.

Basic map and directions are available here TTEV Map and you can click on our Master Plan below as well.

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